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Healthy Living Begins at Valle Verde Country Club

Today's modern living comprises of aspects that take too much of our personal time. Most of us engage in activities that can be time consuming and by the end of the day, leave us physically and mentally exhausted. Only a few of us are able to achieve the ideal quality of life.

Healthy living does not require too much of your time. All you need is to follow an organized plan and our Club will exactly provide your specific needs. Our offered workout programs and sports facilities are designed to be flexible and work with your level of performance or preference.

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle takes more than a day to decide but our Club will be with you through your journey to a healthier and happier quality of life.

For more information about rates and reservations, call 631-1711 to 13 local 223 and look for Tony Pantaleon (Non-Racket Sports) or Roger Silong (Racket Sports).

Valle Verde Country Club

Valle Verde Country Club was established on May 30, 1975 and officially opened
its doors to membership in March 1978. Although not yet fully opened and with
limited facilities, members started patronizing the Club immediately since it was
the only country club in Pasig area that time.

(O)+63 2 631-17-11 (13) / +63
2 635-33-99